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  • Guided village walk
    Discover the culture of Danda Gaon’s Tamang people as you get up close and personal with our local guide, Samjana, who will introduce you to her village and her life. Explore the village, meet the local villagers and visit Samjana's home, to experience village life yourself! Finish with a cup of Tamang tea and learn about how life is different from and how it is same as life down in Kathmandu and beyond.

  • Cooking classes
    Explore the importance of food in culture, religion and of course, daily life, as Samjana teaches you to cook authentic Tamang treats or a hearty meal, using ingredients from the garden and the village. Enjoy your hard work for dinner and try the local home-made spirit and Tamang tea.

  • Field activities
    While we can’t grow rice up here, our beautiful terraces grow a multitude of grains and vegetables, creating a mosaic of colour set against the mud painted houses and colourful prayer flags.
    Crops grown here include millet, buckwheat, wheat and corn. Each is used for a different purpose and prepared in a different way with the whole plant being used, from the grain right down to the stems in the ground.
    You are invited to join in with daily life and lend a hand in the fields. Samjana will show you how to cultivate the soil, plant the crops, or harvest them depending on the time of year of your stay in the village.

  • Local handicrafts
    Learn how to make woven mats for seats, or woven baskets from the stalks of the grain you may have helped to harvest.
    Note: You can take your doko home with you since we make a special small version of the village carryall.

  • The local brew
    If you like you can even help out with brewing the local Rakshi (a famous local spirit made from the grains grown here in the village). It is a complex distillery process and you will discover that the end product goes very well with your traditional Nepali dal bhat dinner!

  • Festivals
    Nepal is the land where Buddhism and Hinduism meet and you would be forgiven for sometimes being confused by all the festivals! Here in Danda Gaon our local festivals are a big deal and everyone in the village gets involved. So, you are welcome to join in and be part of the festivities, learning about culture and religion and having a lot of fun!