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The stunning forest of the Shivapuri National Park, with its abundance of Nepal’s special trees and plant species, is home to hundreds of different species of animals (including Himalayan black bear, leopard, wild boar and deer), birds and gorgeous butterflies.

  • Nature walk
    Depending on the altitude and aspect, expect to see a wide range of trees, plants, flowers, mushrooms and medicinal herbs on a guided walk through the forest.
    Going with our local guide, you can also learn how the villagers interact with the forest and what it means to them, for things such as food, fuel and medicine and learn about the more spiritual aspects of a forest full of small shrines and temples.

  • Bird watching
    We have an excellent guide to take you on specialist bird watching walks around the National Park and with 177 species of birds being present, you're sure to spot a few exciting ones! You can also spot many types of birds just from our garden so pack you binoculars when you come to stay.